Ethical Tracking

The Do's and Dont's

As with all technology there are good and bad ways to use it. Vehicle tracking & management definitly has both those sides. FleetMotus and RSG wants this industry to have a good name, and will activly work for that to happen. .

GPS tracking can be used in great ways, to make your business more efficient, improve security, prevent theft, decrease fuel consumption, yes the list of benefits is long. FleetMotu and RSG wants to contribute to an industry we all can be proud of. An industry with ethics and integrity. .

GPS tracking can also be used in more shady ways. Track people or their property without informing them. This way of using GPS tracking will give it a bad name, and has no long term benefits. There is also very little economic value in those kinds of applications. Or for short: do not use tracking this way. To emphasis this the GpsGate licensing terms will from today and on forbid new installations of GpsGate Server to be used this way. And we strongly discourage any such use, even if local laws might permit it. Examples of areas to avoid are “Private investigation”, “Covert operations” and “Spouse tracking”..